Jul 09


#2 becomes #28 to reach #3000!! And with a HOME RUN. Amazing.

Jun 20
To be a great, McIlroy must stay true to himself - USATODAY.com

May 26
Barry Bonds says he'll pay for college education of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow's children - ESPN

All the Navy SEALs on bin Laden raid were recording it via helmet cams - NYPOST.com

May 11

rannulphjunuh-deactivated201104 said: As they are lowering a casket into the grave, is it appropriate for me to give a few claps? What about one of those rally horns they have at baseball games? Can I set one of those off?

hmmm …

i guess it’s cool if you’re on the phelps side of the picket line.

May 06
Jerry Seinfeld - Personal Archives

How to Make Salsa Verde - KitchenDaily

May 03
Phone call by Kuwaiti courier led to bin Laden - Yahoo! News

The decision was vintage Obama — an enigmatic president, a strange mélange of caution and audacity, of mushiness and steel. He speaks eloquently about the need for compassion, but has no qualms about killing, as his decision to more than double Predator strikes in Afghanistan and Pakistan suggest. He preaches the need for transparency, but runs a secretive White House. His aides say he favors “leading from behind,” but he demands the ouster of America’s dictator ally in Egypt and transforms a humanitarian rescue mission of civilians in Benghazi into a campaign to oust Moammar Gadhafi, the region’s longest-reigning dictator. He speaks of unity, but his policies divide the nation and often offend both supporters and critics alike. He is a bundle of contradictions.
But today, he is a hero — for many Republicans as well as Democrats, and deservedly so.

Judith Miller, in her editorial “Obama’s Triumph” in today’s The Daily.  (via joshsternberg)

… so true.

May 03
Ecosystem Geographers Predict Bin Laden's Hideout - Politics - GOOD

May 03
40 minutes of fighting, and then two fatal shots | World news | The Guardian

Apr 23
this is my kid, Cole. born april 22 2011.

this is my kid, Cole. born april 22 2011.

Apr 22
Carmelo Anthony to wear new shoe Friday vs. Celtics - Page 2 - ESPN

Apr 21
USF Uses Heart Monitors To Keep Athletes Safe - News Story - KTVU San Francisco




Classic holiday videos.

Oh snap.

BOOM! happy wednesday.

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